Quality management

LUG aircargo handling GmbH was established in 1966. The world was much less connected then than it is today. The transportation of cargo by air was still completely new territory. LUG has grown significantly since then – continually, independently and with an outstanding reputation in the market. But we are still not satisfied. We are always looking not only for modern ways to fulfil customer requirements, but ways in which we can impress and excite our customers. That is why we always maintain structured processes and clear responsibilities, supported by the latest technology. Our quality management system has been in place since 1993. We are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and TAPA B.

The management team at LUG pursues the following key objectives in their business policy:

  • Quality leadership in air cargo handling in Germany
  • Increasing market awareness through a strong customer focus and high-quality services
  • Fulfilling customer security requirements while complying with national and international laws
  • Continually improving processes

Important documents on various processes and our current rates are available here >>Download.

Your goods are safe with us.

LUG: Going the extra mile in air cargo handling

In order to implement our business policy objectives, LUG is committed to the following core principles

We are motivated

We are present

We are responsible

We are versatile

We are innovative

We are forward-looking