Export handling

Consignments intended for export can be delivered around the clock with LUG. Our employees make sure that all consignments are processed carefully and in a timely manner ready for loading onto the aircraft, whether it involves pallets, containers or individually packaged goods. If required, we offer an integrated Hermes weight and volume check that enables multiple packages to be weighed and measured at the same time, so your cargo is ready to go even quicker.

We make sure that aircraft pallets are not only stable and loaded to optimal capacity, but that they are also packaged separately ready for the relevant airline. Through this approach, we minimise the risk of damage to the cargo and facilitate smooth transportation for the airlines.

A particularly important element of our export handling service is the expert loading of aircraft pallets and containers, and the loading of heavy cargo. Additional services such as special packaging, picking and labelling are also available on request.

The whole world is open to you with LUG.

Ready for your exports around the clock